Wake me up!

Someone wake me in March, until then (or when I can be bothered)  I am taking a sabbatical! Tumblr is a tad boring of late and I have heaps of other things that need to be done. 



Adolf Hitler with loyal Sepp. 

and, here he is again, with text! lao. 

(I must be bored or something, damn the World Cup ending!) 

Ya gotta admit it…it’s cute! xD


Source: Deviantwehr

Enemy of Britain?

A Pilot of the RAF (Britain), coffin draped in the Union Flag, is buried with full military honours by occupying German soldiers. Jersey Channel Islands. 1943

Camp Life

Until the outbreak of war in 1939, the situation in the camps regarding feeding, accommodation, and treatment of internees, was the same as in any other prison or penitentiary in the Reich. The internees were treated harshly, but methodical beatings or ill-treatments were out of the question. The Reichsführer gave frequent orders that every SS man who laid violent hands on an internee would be punished; and several times SS men who did ill-treat internees were punished.

Well fed healthy looking inmates with bowls in their hands march to the camp kitchen/canteen for their meal.

Discharged inmates of Dachau camp. Prisoners were lectured before being released from Dachau.  Date 1934/5?

Squeeze - Cool for Cats (Ebola version!)

"There’s a breakout in the Bronx
Brooklyn’s getting final rites
There’s a quarantine in Harlem that’s backed up to Jackson Hts”