116. PANZER-DIVISION - Windhund

Schnell wie ein Windhund, Zäh wie Leder, Hart wie Kruppstahl, Windhund Vor!  

BOSS Sports | Jesse Owens carried a picture of Hitler in his back pocket because he treated him better than FDR

Adolf Hitler with his personal guard

A great candid shot of Adolf! He looks happily surprised.

Heinrich Himmler, (Wilhelm Bruckner, Josef ‘Sepp’ Dietrich and Hans Baur) welcomes Adolf Hitler as he steps from the plane in Germany for the electoral campaign. Germany, November 1932 


Heinrich, Paderborn airport. 


Werner Mölders, Schaub, Adolf Hitler and Karl Wolff at Wolfschanze

In Ihren Eigenen Worten

The veterans (Book of) memoirs site is done. I am pleased to have helped with this project. image

Hatred in Paris driving a new Jewish exodus

The UK doesn’t want them, raus!!